10 Everyday Activities That Count as a Workout


Exercise does not always require gym clothes. Some regular tasks and errands count as exercise too. Even though you know everyone should exercise regularly, chances are high that you have trouble motivating yourself to actually do it. For most of human history, physical activity was incorporated into people’s daily lives in the form of labor and chores. These days, people spend a lot more time sitting still on couches, desk chairs, and cars. However, our lives still require physical movement each day. It can be easier to meet your daily exercise quota with activities that you need to do anyway (like mowing the lawn) than set aside extra time to do a dedicated workout.



Anyone who’s ever mowed the lawn by hand in the height of summer knows that it’s a true workout. Aside from the low impact and cardiovascular benefits, mowing the lawn requires a lot of functional movement primal patterns in the process of setup, mowing the lawn, and cleanup.


Other types of yard work that are a great workout include gardening, weeding, shoveling snow or leaves, and much more.




Who says your hour-long daily walk can’t be through the aisles of the supermarket? Seriously, though, errands often involve plenty of walking, carrying, lifting, and other movements.


Moreover, cleaning the house can involve a wide range of physical movements. Going up and down stairs, carrying things from room to room, pushing and pulling the mop or broom, and more.



You may have heard that sitting for long periods of time is bad for you. But getting up and moving your body every 30 minutes or so is helpful, and walking is great exercise, period.

You may be more occupied with getting your pup exercise during their daily walk, but do not forget that you are getting your steps in at that time, too.


Maybe you like to go out dancing, or maybe you’re more of the “solo dance party in your pajamas” type. Either way, know that dancing can be a full-body workout and great cardio, too.